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Cell culture

XerumFree™ Cat # XerumFree

Permits cell culture without the use of serum, and without any animal-derived components. No safety concern, avoid ethical issues. Easy to use and performant. Chemically defined : avoid lot-to-lot variation (no need to test new batches of serum). No interference of unknown serum compounds. Does not contain hormones or growth factors which could bias research data. Sustain growth of all cell types.


Cultrex® Basement membrane (BME), without phenol red, PathClear® ( 1mL Cat # 3432-001-02, 5mL Cat # 3432-005-02 )

Soluble Basement membrane, purified from Engelbreth-Holm-Swarm (EHS) Tumor. For growth promotion or differenciation of precursor cells. Wide variety of cell culture conditions. Suitable for a thick gel use (easy and stable gelling), or with a thin layer method. Actual protein concentration and endotoxine level for your lot. Sterility : no bacterial or fungal growth (14 days, 37°C), nor mycoplasma detected(PCR). High protein concentration : could be dilute to get more use out of the product.


Cultrex® Rat Collagen I, lower viscosity (1mL Cat # 3443-003-0, 35mL Cat # 3443-100-01))

Promote cell attachment, growth, differenciation, migration, and tissue morphogenesis during development. Less viscous than cat# 3440-100-01. Not pepsin treated : intact telopeptides. Sterility : no bacterial or fungal growth (14 days, 37°C), nor mycoplasma detected (PCR). Tested : able to promote cell attachment and spreading of HT-1080 human fibrosarcoma cells.


Cultrex® 3-D Culture Matrix Collagen I Rat Tail Cat # 3447-020-01

Usefull to study cellular growth and differenciation in three dimensions in vitro. May be used as a gel on which to grow cells or a medium additive, alone or in concert with other basement membrane components. Innovative approach, with a 3-D modeling environment. Sterility : no bacterial or fungal growth (14 days, 37°C), nor mycoplasma detected(PCR).


Hybridoma development

HybridoMax Cat # 19-HYB-01

Replaces feeder layers or other conditioned media and growth factors used in hybridoma production.Increases the yield of hybridomas surviving HAT selection, the cloning efficiency of B-cell hybridomas, and the number of antibody producing colonies. Ready to use. Contains no protein mixtures.


Oxydative stress

8-OHdG ELISA High Sensitive Cat # 50-KOG-HS10E

Elisa kit suitable for assessment of oxidative stress in serum, tissue and cultured cells. Competitive detection of 8-hydroxy-2’-deoxyguanosine (8-OHdG) by utilization of a monoclonal antibody (clone N45.1), highly specific for DNA damage. Not cross react with RNA oxidation products.



Deproteinizing Sample Preparation Kit, Cat # K 808-200

Using perchloric acid (PCA), removal of most of the proteins by precipitation while stabilizing many of the small molecules to analyze. Easy and convenient. Suitable for numerous and multiple types of samples. Sensitive : can be use at low protein concentration (< 20mg/mL). Neutralization buffer include.


Hi-BindTM Protein G-Agarose (Cat#6513-1, -5, -25, -100)

Protein G-Agarose is a high specific and highly pure recombinant Protein G (Cat # 6510-10) covalently coupled to 6% cross-linked agarose beads. Could be used for purification of monoclonal and polyclonal antibodies. High binding capacity, ensured by the coupling technique (> 30 mg/ml of gel); high flow rate; low falling off of recombinant Protein G. Binds to all IgG subclasses from human, mouse and rat species, and to total IgG from cow, guinea pig, horse, sheep, pig, and rabbit.


Detection, screening and quantification kits

Tankyrase 1 Colorimetric Activity Assay Cat # 4700-096-K

Highly sensitive and convenient screening kit for the colorimetric identification of Tankyrase 1 inhibitors in an in vitro system. The Tankyrase 1 Colorimetric Activity Assay is an ELISA which semi-quantitatively detects poly(ADP-ribose). A colorimetric signal is emit by an HRP system : the blue color is correlated to Tankyrase 1 activity. Non radioactive format.


Malachite Green Phosphate Assay Kit Cat # POMG-25H

Rapid colorimetric phosphate detection based on quantification of green complex formed between Malachite Green, molybdate and free orthophosphate. The phosphate concentration is proportional to the intensity of color. Non radioactive method with superior sensitivity, prolonged shelf life, convenient, and a rapid color formation.


QuantiChrom™ Hemoglobin Assay Kit, Quantitative determination of hemoglobin by colorimetric (400nm) method Cat # DIHB-250

Simple, direct and automation-ready method to measure hemoglobin concentration by an improved Triton/NaOH method. The contact between hemoglobin and the reagent lead to an uniform formation of color, wich intensity (400 nm) is directly proportional to the hemoglobin concentration in the sample. Sensitive and accurate. Simple, versatile and high throughput. Non toxic.


Gamma-Glutamyl Transferase Activity Fluorometric Assay Kit Cat # K785-100 (100 assays)

L-γ-Glutamyl-AMC used as a substrate, measurement of Gamma-Glutamyl Tranferase(GGT) activity fluorometrically. Simple and convenient. Very sensitive (detects GGT activity ≥0.02 mlU).


DNA staining

Safeview Cat # G108

Can be used to stain dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA. Emit green fluorescence when bound to dsDNA and red fluorescence when bound to ssDNA or RNA. Replace toxic Ethidium Bromide. Non carcinogenic (Ames-test), new and safe.


Nextgen sequencing

RapidSeq Directional mRNA Sample Prep Kit - With Aligner 1-12 Cat # KS073012-I, With Aligner 13-24 Cat # KS073012-II, With Aligner 25-36 Cat # KS073012-III, With Aligner 37-48 Cat # KS073012-IV

This kit is made for constructing Next Generation Sequencing libraries. Prepared with pure chemicals, it has low adapter dimer and has been submitted to a meticulous quality control.



MyTaq Mix Cat # BIO-25045

Convenient, ready to use all-in-one : MyTaq buffer, dNTPs, MgCl?, enhancers and stabilizers. New generation Taq with higher performance : better sensitivity and increased speed. Wide range of templates.


MyTaq HS Red Mix Cat # BIO-25047

Convenient, ready to use all-in-one : MyTaq buffer, dNTPs, MgCl?, enhancers and stabilizers. New generation of antibody-mediated hot-start polymerase for fast, highly-specific, hot-start PCR. Reduces non-specific amplification.


MyTaq DNA Polymerase Cat # BIO-21105

Performant DNA polymerase, in a new preparation with an advanced formulation supplied with a novel buffer system. Time-saving for superior results : increased sensitivity and speed. Robust, delivers high yield over a wide range of PCR templates. Contains : dNTPs, MgCl? and enhancers.


MyTaq HS Red DNA Polymerase Cat # BIO-21114

New generation of antibody-based hot-start polymerase, which permits high specificity, superior performance, and fast PCR reactions. Less non-specific amplification and primer-dimer formation. No need to add loading buffer. Time-saving for better results. Contains : dNTPs, MgCl? and enhancers at optimal concentrations.


Barrier Tips

Neptune Barrier Tips

GLP Compliance Certified. S³ low retention Polymer Technology. Free of : DNAse, RNAse, Pyrogen, nucleic acid. Pre-sterilized. Avalaible in  10 µl (Cat # BT10), 20 µl (Cat # BT20), 100 µl (Cat #BT100), 200 µl (Cat #BT200), 300 µl (Cat #BT300), 1000 µl (Cat #BT1000), 1250 µl (Cat #1250)




One of the safest clearing agents available, useful to prepare histological sections of high-quality tissue slides. Non toxic and completely biodegradable. Greatly reduced citrus odor.





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