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A one-step gel staining in <15 minutes!
- InstantBlue is a ready-to-use, proprietary Coomassie ® dye with a unique formula that is optimal for obtaining a restricted quantity of proteins in a single stage operation.
- It was created in order to facilitate the standard gel staining.

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Best purified IL-4 in the world!
- GMP Recombinant Human Interleukin - 4 does not contain endotoxins, which may lead to false results. Interleukin-4 was 4-times purified by HPLC.
- GMP IL-4 by the availability of large quantities can be used for clinical trials.

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Get rid of harmful ethidium bromide once and for all!
- SafeView TM type products are new and safer class of nucleic acid dye to visualize double-stranded and single-stranded DNA and RNA in agarose gels.
- Dyes are developed to replace toxic ethidium bromide, strong mutagenic agent, commonly used in gel electrophoresis. SafeView TM products are noncancerogenic and therefore secure.

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Particularly useful for the study of gene expression patterns!
- Methylation of histones results in transcriptional repression or activation, depending on the destinations. Histone methyltransferases (HMTs) control or manage the control of DNA methylation by chromatindepending repression or activation of transcription.
- Measurement of the activity of histone methyltransferases and histone methylation patterns amounts due to P-3002-2 has become crucial in the study of epigenetic gene regulation, as well as the discovery of an inhibitor.

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Tips for a truly accurate sample application!
- Generate reproducible results in minimal time and with minimal effort.
- Comfortable, high-quality, thoroughly tested tips by NEPTUNE consistently provide accurate samples applications in single-and multi-channel pippetes

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Solutions for identification and security products, objects and people!
- Brady offers a wide range of specialized equipment for identifying and labeling. Thermotranfers printing technology combined with excellent special materials and adhesives ensure the highest performance of identification labels for all your business or organization.
- Wide range of label printers and mobile printers from the smallest to the largest label printing machines and label application responds to the diverse needs and growing importance of marking giving confidence of unequivocal identification in the modern world.

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Identify the most suitable DNA polymerase to your needs!
- MyFi TM DNA Polymerase is a newly developed antibody-mediated, hot-start enzyme with unique properties, which offers a 3.5x higher fidelity than Taq native and improved sensitivity and specificity, what makes MyFi better choice for cloning.
- MyFi TM DNA Polymerase is supplied with optimized properties MyFi buffer and provides ultra-pure dNTPs, MgCl2, and an amplifier, specifically designed and approved to ensure the best results.

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The multi-clonality testing alternative!
- High-performance extra- and intracellular dyeing with comparable performance to the standards of polyclonal gold. These reagents were selected for the panel EuroFlowTM antibody (FITC and PE) conjugated with fluorochromes: FITC, PE, APC and APC-C750.
- There are three forms of presentation: a combination of one-, two-or three-color.

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Analysis of nucleic acids

GelRedTM - Platform ideal for detecting dsDNA, ssDNA or RNA in agarose gels or polyacrylamide gels! GelRedTM is an ultra sensitive, extremely stable and environmentally safe fluorescent nucleic acid dye designed to replace the highly toxic ethidium bromide (EB). Available in water; Stable at room temperature for long-term storage; Microwavable.



BMP21 Portable Label Printer can quckly and easily create clear, legible labels that stick for years, despite extreme temperatures and curves or hightly textured surfaces.


Cell culture
Cultrex : qualified proteins of stem cells: 3434-SCQ-K only for 615 !!
This kit will help you selecting the optimum conditions for "feeder-free" culture.

Istantant blue: 1L only for 144 and 3L only for 399 !!
A "ready-made" gel specially formulated for detecting ultra-fast, sensitive and reliable protein.
Monoclonal antibody production
Hybridoma Growth Supplement: TX-HYB-01 only for 91 !!
The serum-free medium growth is a hybridoma culture medium containing chemical growth of different cells, hybridomas and 293 cells are supported.


XerumFree VS FBS
After more than half a century of cell culture, XerumFree™ proposes a new concept in the field: culturing cells without the use of serum, particularly fetal bovine serum (FBS) and without any animal-derived components.
This products has 4 unique features, combined unrivaled in the market:

1)    it is universal for mammalian cells and stem cells and even insect cells
2)    it is fully defined
3)    it is animal-component free, even the raw materials are produced animal free
4)     it is GMP-produced

XerumFree XerumFree™ , 500 ml:         488 EURO

See more information about this incredible product at: http://cellxerum.com/index.html

#4250-050-ES CometAssay Electrophoresis System , price: 1995 EURO

Baculovirus products

flashBAC baculovirus expression vector DNA kits <- Follow the link for a full view of the products

Insect cells <- Follow the link to see all the cell lines specifications

Special grow media for insect cells : 500100 - baculoGROW insect cell media - 64

baculoFECTIN (new non-toxic transfection reagent that has been optimized for use in insect cells)

Baculovirus expression and titration <- Follow the link for a full view of the product

pOET sequencing primers <- Follow the link for a full view of the products

Transfer plasmids <- Follow the link for a full view of the product




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